The Code of Practice

Working at and for Condor Tools means meeting the high standard of professionalism and reliability as well as following all the legal procedures. Such an approach is crucial for keeping our business and for the good of our workers, customers and suppliers. The Condor Tools Management has stated the set of behaviors and included them in The Code. Every worker and supplier should follow the rules stated in The Code. That makes Condor Tools a company its workers are proud of and the suppliers are glad to be associated with.

Our main values are:

  • Flexibility: we are ready to adjust our behavior and acts for the good of the company
  • Personal data protection: we get and keep our customers` personal data in a safe way and we do not show it to third parties without their permission
  • Responsibility: Each of us bears responsibility for his acts.
  • Openness: We speak and behave in a free and direct way
  • Passion: We have and enthusiastic attitude towards our job and we do it properly
  • Respect of the customer: Whatever we do we respect our customers` good and we treat them honestly
  • Products: Our products are safe and they meet the legal demands. The description the products is specific and precise
  • Respect: We treat all fairly and with respect, we care about the mutual safety
  • Legality of products: Our products and materials come from legal sources and were obtained in an ethical way
  • Frankness: We are mutually honest and loyal
  • Fair competition: We compete with other companies in an ethical and legal way

Our Code of Practice neither uses up nor does not intend to use up all the circumstances we and our suppliers may get across. It undergoes regular updating to make sure it is adjusted to the reality and our constantly developing company. Our suppliers also have The Codes of Ethics and they follow the rules included.

Confidential and personal data protection is of a vital importance for the company functioning at the competitive market. Wrong or unauthorized use of confidential data harms the good of the company and may decrease the operating and financial productivity of Condor Tools as well as harm its reputation. Many legal regulations protect the confidential data from the use of the third parties and introduces the restrictions concerning the use of such information. We pay all the possible attention to make sure that this kind of data is shared only with authorized people.

We follow the rules concerning the maintenance of proper quality and safety of the products we sell. Our suppliers guarantee that all the products meet the demanded standards and local legal regulations. We obtain the products and keep the trade contacts only with the suppliers who can guarantee us that the products and materials come from legal sources and can present us the clear supplies chain. We also expect them to assure us that the factories and work places meet our social and safety conditions norms. We create a safe, healthy and guaranteed working environment for all our workers, customers, contractors and guests. We strongly support and reward the suppliers who are keen on innovations and pay special attention to ecological matters.

We commit ourselves to mutual respect and following the human rights, caring about equal chances and discrimination free working environment; to make a safe, healthy and guaranteed working place for all our workers and guests; to sell good quality products, cooperate with suppliers to guarantee the legal source of our products and their ethic gaining. We abide and we expect abiding the human right which are the fundamental rules assuring the freedom of an individual and his right to respectable and independent life without abuse and violence. We do not accept and neglect the cases of human rights infringements in our company or the supplies chain. We do not tolerate any signs of abuse at work such as: violent acts, molestation, bullying and abuse of official privileges aiming at hurting someody. We always refer to each other with kindness, respect and dignity. We do not discriminate anyone because of his race, sex, background, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, religion or any other reasons violating the human rights. From the suppliers we demand taking reasonable steps aiming at protecting the workers from discrimination. We do not tolerate making children work in any of our activities.

We strongly disapprove of any signs of business conflicts, bribery and corruption practices in business. We care about legal, open and ethic competition. Conscious breaking of these rules may lead to taking disciplinary steps against the worker and end of cooperation with the contractor. We follow the rules which do not let our competition disclose the confidential data or suggesting such procedures. We make sure that the market data is obtained legally and that the bribery is a crime. We do not and we never will offer money or other unethical benefits. We commit ourselves to act in a professional, just and honest way. We follow all the anti-corruption rules, we do not support political parties, we cooperate only with registered and widely known charities which promote compliance with legal requirements. We keep our contacts with civil servants according to the proper anti-corruption regulations stated in law.

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